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A team that found its passion in data protection

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The targeted use of data is becoming increasingly important in order to further develop services, applications and products and ultimately to be able to create innovations. But the use of this data should not be at the expense of the individual user. At APOCRAT, we want the use and processing of data to be secure, privacy compliant and sustainable.

In this way, we create not only sustainable networking but trust in innovative products.

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Secure Data, Restore Privacy

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Power to the People

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Be simple, be transparent

Our mission

Bring back sovereignty over one's own data


The heterogeneous team of people from IT security as well as marketing covers both the "protect data" and "use data" sides. This area of tension makes it possible to develop a business model in which progress is not slowed down by the use of data, but is driven forward in a responsible manner.

Alexander Jürgens

CEO & Co-Founder

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Laura Kaltenbrunner

CMO & Co-Founder

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armin sitting on a chair

Armin Huremagic

CTO & Co-Founder

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Andrei Bolojan

Mobile Developer

Nikolaus Thaller

Data Scientist / Backend Developer

Advisory Board

These experts support us in our mission

Picture of Wolfgang Römer, white male with dark hair and beard smiling

Wolfgang Römer

Advisor Business Development & Innovation

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Picture of Martin Possekel, white male with grey hair in a suit

Martin Possekel

Advisor digital business models & data protection

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Advisor Markus Plank

Markus Plank

Advisor sales & customer acquisition

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