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This is how APOCRAT's consent management solution works.

How it works

How APOCRAT works

Customer receives SDK set

Via the customer platform, each customer receives an SDK set (Software Development Kit Set). This consists of an SDK for the customer app, via which all smart home devices are controlled, and one or more SDKs for the smart home devices themselves.

SDK set is built into the customer's app as well as into the software of the IoT devices

The SDKs must now be integrated into the software of the app and the smart home devices. We provide instructions and implementation support for this. Currently, the app SDK is available for Android and IOS, the smart home SDK is currently based on Python - other programming languages are being implemented in the next few months.

When the user of the smart home device (end user) connects it to the customer's app for the first time, a setup process is usually initiated for the device. As part of this natural setup process, APOCRAT's consent screens are played out on the app. The user can now decide with whom he wants to share his data and for what purposes.

Settings are saved

The consent settings defined by the user are then stored centrally on the APOCRAT platform and on the smart home device itself. The infrastructure incl. the servers of APOCRAT are located in the EU.

Decentralized implementation of the settings

If the smart home device wants to send data outside the user's home network, the consent settings defined by the user are first retrieved on the device, the legal conformity of the action is checked, and finally the data transfer is either permitted or blocked on the device.

Overview and reporting on the customer platform

A history and various reports are created on the central customer platform for all these permitted or prevented connections. These reports form the basis for proving that consent has been obtained and implemented, and are therefore essential in the event of data protection complaints and audits.

The core of APOCRAT


The two APOCRAT SDKs include detailed documentation and are provided in all common programming languages for IoT devices as well as mobile applications. These are obtained directly from our web platform and can then be integrated directly into the end device. Detailed documentation is also available for this for a smooth integration into the code of your app and your devices. We would also be happy to support you personally with the integration.

All further configuration steps can then be conveniently completed via our web platform.

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