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6 reasons why you should work with a startup

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In today's business world, companies need to be able to react quickly and flexibly to changes. One way to achieve this is to work with startups. The innovators behind them offer companies with challenges in diverse areas a variety of benefits that can help them achieve their goals.

Flexibility or death to "our front office will send you our proposed dates"

A big advantage of working with startups is that they make decisions quickly and have short feedback or coordination loops. Startups are more agile than many established companies and can react quickly to changing market conditions. This also means that coordination loops are short and collaboration is transparent. Contact persons in companies do not have to search from department to department or between subsidiaries to get to the right place in the startup. In startups, the focus is on achieving the goals and the shared vision, which can have a driving and motivating effect on everyone involved.

Expertise in a niche topic

Startups are often pioneers in the development of new technologies and can provide companies with access to these technologies. They also have specialized knowledge in niche topics and can help companies expand their expertise. These niches are often difficult or impossible for companies to serve. Working with startups allows companies to enter these niches and develop new markets.

Additionally, startups can help companies develop innovative solutions. They often have an unbiased perspective and can assist in finding creative solutions to improve business processes or develop new products. Startups also often bring a different corporate culture that can help improve their own processes and structures.

A big fish in a small pond

Working with startups can also be a source of motivation and drive. Founders are visionaries and want to achieve their goals: they bring fresh ideas and perspectives and can help companies break away from entrenched patterns. Startups challenge companies to look at things differently and face new challenges. However, to test a new solution and really prepare it for the market, startups also need reliable partnerships with which they can put their idea through its paces. At first, responsible decision-makers think of the additional effort and costs involved in such a collaboration. However, if you take a step back, you will quickly realize that it offers added value for your own company. Through joint development, a solution can master its own challenges to a certain extent and uncover new facets for the startup. Where ideas and drive are in demand, the startup can become a big fish in a small pond.

The cost factor: time is money and money is scarce

Startups often have lower costs than established companies, which is an advantage for those working with limited budgets. In the early stages before market entry, some startups, including APOCRAT, offer development partnerships that don't involve another cost besides resources.

Companies can also benefit from the synergies that come from working or partnering with startups, such as ideas for new features or processes. Collaboration can also facilitate access to new customers and markets and help them strengthen their market position.

Hello, Fellow Youngsters

Deriving from point 4, there is another advantage of working with startups: they can help companies improve their image. Companies that work with startups can present themselves as dynamic and future-oriented. This can help improve the company's image and make it more attractive to potential customers and employees.

Working with startups can also be a way to drive internal digitization and discover new tools for yourself. Startups often have experience with new technologies and can help companies implement digital processes and strategies. This can help companies increase efficiency and stay competitive. By working with startups, companies can also expand their network and make valuable contacts in the startup scene, which can lead to further collaborations and partnerships in the future.

Startups are "we've always done it this way" killers

Finally, the reason that is crucial for every change or transformation process: In many areas within a company, blinders and tunnel vision form over time, often leading to new ideas or potential simply not being perceived. It is often precisely these ideas that are picked up and developed by startups that, once mature, revolutionize many processes and have a major impact on the rest of the market.

Startups are known for overturning traditional ways of doing things and introducing innovative solutions to long-standing problems. One of the main reasons startups are able to do this is because they are not bound by the same constraints as established companies. Startups are able to think outside the box and challenge conventional wisdom because they are not constrained by the same outdated systems, processes and organizational structures that often hold larger companies back. By being willing to innovate and take risks, startups can create positive change and help push the boundaries of what is possible in their industries.

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